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Top Questions Answered

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Buyer Buddy’s car broker services. Clear your doubts and gain insights into how we revolutionize your car buying journey.

Buyer Buddy is a platform that provides comprehensive, unbiased, and personalized shopping insights. We aim to elevate your shopping experience by helping you make informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Our service begins with a free deal review. We assess the deals you’ve found and provide you with insights on their value. If we believe we can save you money, we’ll charge a fee based on the amount of money you save in the deal.

Our initial deal review is completely free. If we determine that we can save you money on your deal, we’ll charge a fee up to $699, depending on the amount of money saved.

Our fee is calculated based on the amount of money we save you in the deal. We’ll clearly communicate the fee upfront before proceeding with any recommendations.

You can submit a deal for review by filling out the contact form on our website and providing all the details about the vehicle you are trying to purchase. 

At Buyer Buddy, we adhere unwaveringly to integrity. Our information is based on comprehensive research and analysis, ensuring accuracy and impartiality. We believe in the power of honesty to build enduring trust with our users.

 Our goal is to empower you with information. If you disagree with our recommendations, we respect your decision. We’re here to provide insights, but the final purchasing decision is always yours.

 Our unique value proposition lies in our commitment to transparency, empowerment, and meaningful connections. We deeply understand our users’ diverse needs, and we craft our offerings to exceed expectations. We also champion eco-conscious products and promote ethical shopping.

We foster partnerships with consumers, brands, and experts to create a harmonious ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders and fosters mutual growth.