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Discover the story behind Buyer Buddy, a company committed to empowering car buyers with transparency, savings, and a customer-centric experience.

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Crafting a Legacy in Automotive Excellence

With over a decade of in-depth experience in the automotive sector, Blaine Roque brings a unique blend of hands-on expertise and strategic leadership to Buyer Buddy. His expansive journey across the automotive industry has seen him in every position within a dealership, providing him with a holistic understanding of the business. 

His proven track record as a manager for dealerships in Manitoba and British Columbia, Canada, coupled with his successful operation of a dealer in California, USA, showcases his versatility and adaptability to diverse markets and operational nuances. Blaine’s intimate knowledge of the inner workings of dealerships grants him a distinct advantage. He understands not just the operational aspects but also the financial intricacies of how dealerships turn a profit. This insight, combined with his passion for the industry, is pivotal for Buyer Buddy’s mission. Blaine’s leadership style is informed by his rich experiences, and he knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities that lie in the automotive landscape. Under Blaine’s stewardship, Buyer Buddy is not just another platform; it’s a transformative solution. 

Leveraging his years of knowledge and experience, Blaine aims to revolutionize the shopping experience for consumers. He embodies Buyer Buddy’s vision of elevating shopping through informed choices and is committed to ensuring that the platform stands as a beacon of transparency and empowerment. As Buyer Buddy moves forward, Blaine’s vast experience and keen understanding of both the Canadian and American automotive markets will be instrumental in guiding its strategy, building key partnerships, and ensuring that the platform consistently delivers value to its users.

Our Values


Elevating Shopping through Informed Choices


Our mission at Buyer Buddy is to elevate the shopping journey by equipping consumers with comprehensive, unbiased, and personalized insights. We aspire to be the trusted companion that empowers individuals to make confident decisions, simplifies complex choices, and enriches their lives through smarter shopping.

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Our Values

Integrity First

We adhere unwaveringly to integrity in all interactions, ensuring that our information is accurate, impartial, and reliable. We believe in the power of honesty to build
enduring trust with our users.

Our driving force is to empower consumers. We believe that knowledge is the key to informed choices. By providing transparent, user-centric information, we empower
individuals to navigate the shopping landscape with confidence.

We embrace innovation as the path to continuous improvement. Our pursuit of innovation drives us to find imaginative solutions that revolutionize shopping experiences and redefine industry standards.

Our users are the heart of our platform. We deeply understand their diverse needs and craft our offerings to exceed expectations, delivering a seamless and enriching journey.

Collaboration fuels progress. By fostering partnerships with
consumers, brands, and experts, we create a harmonious ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders and fosters mutual growth.

We celebrate individuality and empathize with each unique
shopper’s perspective. Our commitment to diversity ensures that our solutions resonate with a wide range of preferences and backgrounds.

We thrive on learning from challenges and feedback. Our dedication to continuous improvement propels us forward, enabling us to enhance our platform and better serve our community.

Our Winning Strategies
for Unparalleled

Industry Knowledge

Leveraging over a decade of car industry experience and extensive dealership connections to secure the best deals.

Client Advocacy

Placing our clients first, providing a truly independent service that ensures the car buying process is fully in your favor.

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Buyer Buddy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discover answers to common inquiries about our services, pricing, and how we ensure you get the best deal. We’ve got you covered with clear and concise explanations to enhance your car buying journey.

Buyer Buddy is a platform that provides comprehensive, unbiased, and personalized shopping insights. We aim to elevate your shopping experience by helping you make informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Our service begins with a free deal review. We assess the deals you’ve found and provide you with insights on their value. If we believe we can save you money, we’ll charge a fee based on the amount of money you save in the deal.

Our initial deal review is completely free. If we determine that we can save you money on your deal, we’ll charge a fee up to $699, depending on the amount of money saved.

Our fee is calculated based on the amount of money we save you in the deal. We’ll clearly communicate the fee upfront before proceeding with any recommendations.