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Why Choose Buyer Buddy?

In a landscape often marred by information asymmetry and potential exploitation, Buyer Buddy emerges as a beacon of trust, expertise, and genuine care, making it the go-to choice for anyone seeking a transparent car-buying experience.

Holistic Guidance

From understanding one's car needs to navigating dealership negotiations, Buyer Buddy offers end-to-end consultancy, ensuring clients feel supported at every step.

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Tailored Approach

Unlike generic car-buying process, Buyer Buddy is specifically designed to serve the buyer best interests addressing their unique needs, concerns, and purchasing nuances.

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Free Deal Review

We conduct unbiased reviews of dealer offers for maximum savings. Our primary focus lies in conducting thorough and impartial evaluations of dealer offers, all aimed at securing the highest level of savings for our valued customers.

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Deal Review

We conduct unbiased reviews of dealer offers for maximum savings

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Car Sourcing

We'll find your perfect car, balancing specs and budget.

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Expert Negotiations

Our seasoned professionals negotiate on your behalf for optimal savings.

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Trusted Expertise

With over a decade of in-depth experience in the automotive sector, Blaine Roque brings a
unique blend of hands-on expertise and strategic leadership to Buyer Buddy.

Driven by the expertise of a veteran automotive sales specialist and car industry connoisseur, Blaine Roque

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Explore Our Tailored Services

At Buyer Buddy, we take the complexity out of car buying, offering personalized services that ensure you get the vehicle you want at the best possible price. From our comprehensive Free Deal Review to our tailored Find a Deal service, Blaine Roque’s industry knowledge guides you through every step, saving both time and money.

Free Deal Review

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Price Evaluation

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Car Consulting

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Expert Negotiations

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discover answers to common inquiries about our services, pricing, and how we ensure you get the best deal. We’ve got you covered with clear and concise explanations to enhance your car buying journey.

Buyer Buddy is a platform that provides comprehensive, unbiased, and personalized shopping insights. We aim to elevate your shopping experience by helping you make informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Our service begins with a free deal review. We assess the deals you’ve found and provide you with insights on their value. If we believe we can save you money, we’ll charge a fee based on the amount of money you save in the deal.

Our initial deal review is completely free. If we determine that we can save you money on your deal, we’ll charge a fee up to $699, depending on the amount of money saved.

Our fee is calculated based on the amount of money we save you in the deal. We’ll clearly communicate the fee upfront before proceeding with any recommendations.